Airstream Sovereign Run down

“Good design is honest.” –Dieter Rams

I wanted to dish on what we have in our current ‘stream! With this Airstream, we have styled it in several ways due to its large size. It feels so much more like a home, and so it is fun to experiment with new looks and finishing touches. It is also imperative to have things that will stand up to the road, so there are a few key staples that I wanted to point out. This post is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned, but we have included a link to the items in which we would receive nominal monies.


Brittany futon

First piece that gets a lot of attention is this Brittany Futon by the Novogratz. Obviously I love its name, but that isn’t exactly what attracted me to it. The dimensions are so that it fits perfectly in the front of the Airstream, and folds out to a full size bed if needed. We have not had to secure this in the last two Airstreams. It rides really well just like it is. It comes in several colors. We have personally bought the mustard and army green- S W O O N! I’d really like to have a couple more Airstreams to style their navy and blush couches!


Teal Eiffel Chairs

The chairs are a modern pop of color in the space! I contemplated white, emerald green, and even red. I absolutely love the teal as it plays off of my inspo vintage fabric. I tried to base the design off the dynamic print, so I had plenty of options for designing and staging. We purchased a set of four from Amazon because I was convinced that I could fit three (aka D E T E R M I N E D). This spaces begs to entertain. I know it sounds crazy from a tiny trailer space, but the tropical vibes really draw people in. I wanted to make sure there was enough seating for whatever soiree might pop up in our travels. We purchased these in the darker walnut, and amazon sent us the light color. I was heartbroken and even contemplated just using them. Will convinced me to fight for what I wanted. Mainly because he didn’t want to hear about these chairs for the rest of forever. Amazon rectified the problem so quick! Hallelujah! It’s all about the details, ya know?


coffee table storage


This table is a life saver! My mom actually gave me it because she thought it would be perfect for the space. Her original intentions were store this on our boat dock to hold towels. We don’t have an IKEA around here, so I was happy to take this awesome find from her!

This storage bin offers some much utility in the space. Obviously we use it to hold our drinks, meals, or books while were lounging on the couch. Inside we stuff this thing full of blankets, shoes, dog leashes, and dog bowls.

It is lightweight and durable for travel. We actually do not have to tie this down as I am not really worried about any damage that could occur to it OR from it. The textured rug definitely works in our favor to keep things in place.