Each of our renovated Airstreams represented a unique time and style in our life. 


1971 Airstream Sovereign (31')

October 2016 - April 2017

The first... the gateway drug. In October 2016, after a week of convincing Britt's mom that there was no way we wanted, needed or could afford a broke down vintage Airstream, we brought home this 1971 Airstream Sovereign 31'. Just like that, our impulsive nature changed our life's course. We worked evenings after work and weekends to fix this Airstream up through April 2017. 

1985 Airstream Sovereign (25')

May 2017 - August 2017

Our second renovation. She was acquired from a private seller in Houston, Tx. We began this renovation immediately after we sold our first Airstream in May 2017 and finished the renovation in August 2017. Like the first one, we never intended to 'flip' this trailer as it fit a need in our life at the time. We were Airbnb'ing our home during the home football games for Texas A&M. We were able to tailgate in the trailer on those weekends and bring in some extra cash by renting our home. 

1985 Airstream Sovereign (34')

May 2018 - 

Current project. Acquired in May 2018. If our first two Airstream renovations were to learn and build something we loved, we succeeded. We LOVE this Airstream. We decided this Airstream would be an exercise in sticking to a budget, mastering our craft, and producing a superior designed and constructed trailer. She is nearing completion and we will be taking her on an extended road trip to Banff, AB, Canada at the end of the summer before starting our next project. Stay tuned for updated pictures.